Connie's Inn was a popular nightclub located at 2221 Seventh Avenue at the corner of 131st Street in New York City. The club was owned by the brothers Connie and George Immerman and the famous gangster Dutch Schultz was rumored to be a silent partner in the operation. It was a segregated club (like the Cotton Club) where Whites came to be entertained by Black performers. Leroy Tibbs and his Connie's Inn Orchestra was a band lead by violinist Allie Ross.

Title Recording Date Recording Location Company
I Got Worry
(DeRose / Trent)
2-1-1928 New York, New York Columbia

One O'Clock Blues
(Allen / Bishop / Waller)
2-1-1928 New York, New York Columbia

Artist Instrument
Ed Allen Cornet
Ed Cuffee Trombone
Hugh Davis Drums
Arville Harris Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Leroy Harris Banjo
Gilbert Paris Cornet
Allie Ross Violin
Cyrus St. Clair Bass Brass
Leroy Tibbs Piano
unknown Saxophones