This is Lionel Hampton's first record; he plays drums on both songs. "Reb" Benjamin Spikes and his brother John led bands in the California area for the first thirty years of the 20th century. The Spike brothers are also listed as co-writers of Someday Sweetheart with Jelly Roll Morton, and Reb wrote lyrics to Wolverine Blues. Some Jazz historians have suggested that his involvement in the authorship of these songs may have been only as the publisher, but we will probably never know for sure.

The dialogue on "Sheffield Blues" which goes as follows:

Les Hite: Who is it ?
William Calhoun : Officer Sheffield, every tub. Throw it in the sink.

At the end:
Les Hite: Get in the wagon.

The officer was Officer Maceo Sheffield (died c.1963) who was known as a character and active in enforcing Prohibition laws.

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Title Recording Date Recording Location Company
My Mammy's Blues
(Spikes Brothers)
11-1924 Los Angles, California Hollywood
Sheffield Blues
(Spikes Brothers)
11-1924 Los Angles, California Hollywood
Steppin' High 11-1924 Los Angles, California Hollywood
Artist Instrument
Andrew Blakeney Trumpet
William Calhoun Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Speech
Les Hite Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Speech
Russell Masingale Trumpet
Reb Spikes Bass Saxophone, Leader
Lionel Hampton Drums
Leon White Trombone
Gene Wright Piano