Rosa Henderson is accompanied by the Virginians on this song. The Virginians in this case were a subset of the Paul Whiteman Orchestra. The label of Victor 19157-A didn't let the record buying public know that the Virginians were backing up Rosa. They were listed simply as blues singer with jazz band on the label.

Title Recording Date Recording Location Company
Struttin' Blues
(Tim Brymn / Chris Smith / Siegel)
9-25-1923 New York, New York Victor 19157-A
Artist Instrument
Hale Bayers Alto Saxophone
Jack Barsby Bass Brass
Henry Busse Cornet
Don Clark Alto Saxophone
Ross Gorman Clarinet
Ferdie Grofé Piano
Rosa Henderson Vocals
Sammy Lewis Trombone
Mike Pingitore Banjo
Frank Siegrist Cornet