The Palais Royal Californians were a group of predominantly American musicians associated with the Art Hickman Orchestra The band relocated to Australia from the San Francisco. They played in Australia between 1923 and 1927 at the Palais Royal in Sidney and the Palais de Danse in Melbourne.

Thanks to Geoffery J. Orr of Lyric Records for the recordings on this page.

Title Recording Date Recording Location Company
Milenberg Joys
(Paul Rapollo / Paul Mares / Jelly Roll Morton)
8-30-1926 Sydney, Australia Columbia 0517
That Certain Party
(Gus Kahn / Walter Donaldson)
8-30-1926 Sydney, Australia Columbia 0517
Artist Instrument
Walter Beban Alto Saxophone
Keith Collins Piano
Frank Coughlan Trombone
Danny Hogan Bass
Bob Kruze Banjo
Ern Pettifer Baritone Saxophone, Alto Saxophone
Frank Rago Trumpet
Bob Waddington Bass