Gordon Stretton was the leader of the Orchestre Syncopated Six and he was born in Liverpool, England of Jamaican and Irish parentage in 1887. He sang with various Jazz bands before becoming the toast of Paris cafe-society with his Orchestre Syncopated Six in 1923. He then relocated to Argentina sometime in the late 1920s and led a band there called Gordon Stretton's Symphonic Jazz Band. Stretton spent the rest of his life in Argentina.

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Title Recording Date Recording Location Company
C'est Paris
(Maurice Yvain)
7-1923 Paris, France Pathé 6609
Pathé Actuelle 15179
(Byron Gay)
7-1923 Paris, France Pathé 6610
La-haut 7-1923 Paris, France Pathé 6609
Lovin' Sam
(The Shiek Of Alabam')

(Milton Ager / Jack Yellen)
5-15-1923 Paris, France Pathé 6611
Si vous n'aimez pas ça
(Maurice Yvain)
7-1923 Paris, France Pathé Actuelle 15179
Tu Verras Montmarte
(C. Borel Clerec)
7-1923 Paris, France Pathé 6610
Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
(Henry Creamer / J. Turner Layton)
7-1923 Paris, France Pathé 6611
Artist Instrument
Gordon Stratton Vocals, Drums
unknown Trumpet, Alto Saxophone, Banjo, Piano
Some Hustling This! Taking Jazz to the World, 1914-1929, by Mark Miller, Mercury Press , 2006