Long before Guy Lombardo with his Royal Canadians became famous for playing "Auld Lang Syne" at New York's Waldorf Astoria on New Year's Eve they were a hot dance band. Their first recordings for Gennett captured the band playing in a jazz style that they would soon abandon for their famous sweet sound. Guy Lombardo with his Royal Canadians would continue to record for another fifty years but little of their music after this 1924 recording session can be considered jazz.

Title Recording Date Recording Location Company
Cotton Pickers Ball
(Elmer Schoebel / Billy Meyers)
3-10-1924 Richmond, Indiana Gennett
(Lombardo / Fred Kreitzer)
3-10-1924 Richmond, Indiana Gennett
Mamas Gone, Goodbye
(Peter Bocage / A.J. Piron)
3-10-1924 Richmond, Indiana Gennett
So This Is Venice
(Clark / Leslie / Warren)
3-10-1924 Richmond, Indiana Gennett
Artist Instrument
George Gowans Drums
Frances Henry Banjo
Fred Higman Tenor Saxophone
Fred Kreitzer Piano
Carmen Lombardo Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Vocals
Guy Lombardo Violin, Leader
Lebert Lombardo Trumpet
Eddie Mushurette Bass Brass
Jack Miles Trombone