Marion Hardy and his Alabamians were originally formed in Chicago, Illinois in the late 1920s. Cab Calloway fronted this band in 1929 at the Savoy Ballroom. This was the only record released by this band and Marion Hardy's first name was apprently misspelled as Marlow.

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Title Recording Date Recording Location Company
Georgia Pines
(Jo Trent / Ford Dabney)
10-29-1929 New York, New York Columbia
Song Of The Bayou
(Rube Bloom)
10-29-1929 New York, New York Columbia
Artist Instrument
The Alabama Magpie Trio Vocals
Leslie Corley Banjo
Jimmie McHendricks Drums
Ralph Anderson Piano
Henry Clark Trombone
Marlow Hardy aka Marion Hardy Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Elisha Herbert Trumpet
Eddie Mallory Trumpet
Artie Starks Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Charlie Turner Bass Brass