Here we have have Kid Ory's Creole Orchestra backing up Blues singer Roberta Dudley, just one month before the band recorded their historic sides as Spike's Seven Pods of Pepper Orchestra. This was Roberta Dudley's only record. Ory's band also recorded with another Blues singer that same month under the name of Ruth Lee accompanied by Ory's Sunshine Orchestra. Several New Orleans bands worked in California in the late Teens and early Twenties, including King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band, The Original Creole Orchesta and Jelly Roll Morton.

Title Recording Date Recording Location Company
Krooked Blues
(John Spikes / Reb Spikes / Dink Johnson)
6-1922 Los Angeles, California Nordskog
When You're Alone Blues
(John Spikes / Reb Spikes)
6-1922 Los Angeles, California Nordskog
Artist Instrument
Ben Borders Drums
Mutt Carey Cornet
Roberta Dudley Vocals
Ed Garlands Bass
Dink Johnson Clarinet
Kid Ory Trombone
Fred Washington Piano