by Uncle Dave Lewis
Mel Doherty's Melody Boys were a group from Cincinnati who worked extensively on WLW-Radio circa 1923-25. There is a photograph of them at the Cincinnati Historical Society, and I have one of the records they made, which is a custom pressing credited to the sponsor, "French Bros./Bauer Broadcasters". "French Bauer"??? my friend Dave Bartholomew exclaimed when I described the record over the phone. They were producers of milk products in this town for years, but not of records! The label and record looks like it was customized by Okeh, rather than Gennett, who did a lot of recordings of bands in the Cincinnati area. It is not listed in any discography, and I can't find anyone who has ever heard of them. I would be interested to see if there is even one other copy of this record known, or anyone who knows one more detail. Scanning the radio pages in Cincinnati newspapers of the period, it seems Doherty's group was even a bit better known than the Chubb-Steinberg Orchestra, which many collectors do know because Wild Bill Davison was with them.

Title Recording Date Recording Location Company
Sleepy Time Gal 1923-1925 Cincinnati, Ohio French Bros.-Bauer Broadcasters 103
Don't Wait Too Long 1923-1925 Cincinnati, Ohio French Bros.-Bauer Broadcasters 103
Artist Instrument
Mel Doherty Vocals, Leader
unknown 2 Trumpets, Trombone, 2 Saxophones, Piano, Banjo, Tuba, Drums