Photo by Man RayThese unusual and excellent recordings feature the French poet, writer, artist and filmmaker Jean Cocteau reading his Dadaist poetry in French over the music of Dan Parrish's excellent jazz ensemble. Both performances "La Toison d'Or (The Golden Fleece) and "Les Voleurs d'Enfants" (The Child Snatchers) are taken from Cocteau's book "Opera." The recordings were made shortly before he made his classic first film, "Le Sang d'un Poete" (The Blood Of A Poet).

Thanks to Yves Francois for his help with the recordings on this page.

Title Recording Date Recording Location Company
La Toison D'or
Théme: Holidays

(Jean Cocteau / Dan Parrish)
3-12-1929 Paris, France Columbia
Les Voleurs D'enfants
Théme: Pouquoi J'ai Regrette)

(Jean Cocteau / Vance Lowry)
3-12-1929 Paris, France Columbia
Artist Instrument
Jean Cocteau Vocals, Whistling
Vance Lowry Banjo
Dan Parrish Piano
Dave Peyton Drums
James Shaw Reeds
Crickett Smith Trumpet
unknown Trombone, Tenor Saxophone, Bass Brass