by Dave Bartholomew
I've had an interest in the Chubb-Steinberg Orchestra for many years. My best friend's uncle, Bert Allen, or BURT as Brian Rust calls him, was first cornet. Bert claimed he played King Oliver to Wild Bill's Louis Armstrong, giving him on-the-job training. Bert and Bill were lifelong buddies. "Ray Evan" in the sax section is Otis Neirouter, who was in the car with Wild Bill and Frank Teschemacher the night Tesch died. Art Hicks was the leader of the Chubb-Steinberg Orchestra. Pianist Jack Saatkamp, was a bandleader in his own right and was later a staff member of WLW radio in Cincinnati for many years. The band was sponsored by the Chubb-Steinberg Radio and Music Store on Sixth Street in Cincinnati. In about 1930, Chubb went into the public address system business but Ely Steinberg built the company into a chain of appliance stores that went out of business only a few years ago.

Click here to see an additional photo of the Chubb-Steinberg Orchestra of Cincinnati at Jeff's Garden in Hamilton, Ohio.

Title Recording Date Recording Location Company
Because They All Love You
(Malie / Little)
2-16-1925 Richmond, Indiana Gennett
Blue Evening Blues
(Art Kahn / Vic. Berton)
10-10-1924 Cincinnati, Ohio Okeh
From One 'Til Two
(I Always Dream Of You

(Joe Hoover)
10-10-1924 Cincinnati, Ohio Okeh
Horsey! Keep Your Tail Up!
(Waltler Hirsch / Bert Kaplan)
10-10-1924 Cincinnati, Ohio Okeh
Mandy, Make Up Your Mind
(Clarke / Turk / Meyer / Johnston)
4-30-1925 Richmond, Indiana Gennett
Steppin' In Society
(The Radio Franks)
4-30-1925 Richmond, Indiana Gennett
Walking Talking Dolly
(Harold Robe)
10-10-1924 Cincinnati, Ohio Okeh
Artist Instrument
Bert Allen Cornet
Frank Bamberger Trombone
Homer Beercraft Alto Saxophone, Vocals
Carl Chauve Banjo
Wild Bill Davison Cornet
Bud Ebel Drums
Ray Fetzer Brass Bass
Art Hicks Violin, Vocals, Director
Otis Neirouter (Ray Evans) Alto Saxophone
Jack Saatkamp Piano
Jack Weber Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone