The Black Birds Of Paradise were an African-American jazz band from Montgomery, Alabama. They were active from 1925 to 1931. Several members of this band had attended the nearby Tuskegee Institute and had been members of the school band. There are no known existing copies of the record released on the Black Patti label. Philmore "Shorty" Hall, the trumpeter in the Black Birds of Paradise later taught trumpet to Dizzy Gillespie when Gillespie was a high school student at the Laurinburg Institute in North Carolina. Still later, Hall was for many years the director of the well-respected band at Hillside High School in Durham, North Carolina.

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Title Recording Date Recording Location Company
Bugahoma Blues
(William Howard)
7-9-1927 Birmingham, Alabama Gennett
Muddy Water
(Trent / DeRose)
7-9-1927 Birmingham, Alabama Gennett
Razor Edge 7-9-1927 Birmingham, Alabama Black Patti
Stompin' Fool 8-10-1927 Birmingham, Alabama Black Patti
(Maceo Pinkard)
7-9-1927 Birmingham, Alabama Gennett
Tishomingo Blues
(Spencer Williams)
7-9-1927 Birmingham, Alabama Gennett
Artist Instrument
James Bell Clarinet, Alto Saxophone
Sam Bordees Drums
William Boyd Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone
Philmore "Shorty" Hall Cornet
William "Buddy" Howard Trombone, Vocals, Leader
Ivory Johnson Bass Brass
Tom Ivery Banjo
Melvin Small Piano