This band was based in Paris and was also know as the Orchestre Stiklen.

Thanks to Yves Francois for his help with the recordings on this page.

Title Recording Date Recording Location Company
Out Bois De Boulgone Way
(H. McKnight)
7-1924 Paris, France Gramaphone
Spring's Flowers 1925 Paris, France Gramaphone
Spring's Night 1924 Paris, France Gramaphone
Suzett Blues
(Raoul Moretti)
11-1924 Paris, France Pathé 6707
(Suzett Blues)
directed by ‘Maestro’ Stiklen

(Raoul Moretti)
1923 or 1924 Barcelona, Spain Disco Gramfono
AE 1330
Artist Instrument
Marius Brun Drums
Maurice DuBois Bass Brass
Francis Gaudet Trumpet
Fred Hidson (Paul Delacour) Piano, Arranger
... Hofman Tenor Saxophone
Marcel Lafarge Trombone
Raoul Moretti Piano
Andre Saury Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone
Charles Van Der Stichlen
(AKA Billy Max)
Baritone Saxophone, C-Melody Saxophone, Leader
Jack Der Stichlen Violin
Jules Vilard Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone